5 Online marketing tactics for real estate agencies


Online marketing is very important for businesses today. Just like all businesses real estate agencies can also take advantage of the online world and promote their listings online. With the help of the following 5 online marketing tactics real estate agencies can use, you can promote your agency and get more clients in a must lesser time.

1.     Create a website

This is obvious, the website is the first step in online marketing. Develop an advanced website for your real estate business that meets all your clients’ needs and makes it easier for them to find their dream property. Make sure you always engage a professional designer and developer to develop your website as trying to do it on your own has numerous pitfalls. An experienced designer and developer will often be able to think of potential things you might have otherwise missed.

2.     Set up social media profiles

Social media profiles are a must for every business today. People spend most of their time on social media so the best way to communicate and appeal to your potential clients is through a successful real estate social media profile. Always remember though it’s important to interact!

3.     Create a virtual tour

With the advancement of technology, you can provide your clients with more comfort. Add the virtual tour feature on your app or website so that your clients can take the tour of the house without actually being there.

4.     Email Marketing

Email marketing is a thing now. Create a newsletter with the listing that your client might like depending upon their recent visits and send it to all your potential clients from time to time through email so that they can stay updated with the new properties that they might be interested in buying.

5.     Make everything mobile friendly

Everything today takes place on the smartphones which is why it is very important to create mobile applications for your business and make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. In a world where pizza shops, online retailers, and even the Kardashians have their own app it’s surprising how few real estate agents do. If you’re interested in standing out from the competition and interested in developing your real estate agency’s own mobile app please contact us.