Some Statistics


The increasing number of smartphone apps used in the global market has led to an increase in the online presence and in turn, profits for business owners. As of 2017, The Apple app store boasts close to 2 million apps while the Google Play app store contains around2.2 million apps, a figure which is expected to increase in the future. According to Nielsen, 64% of consumers say mobile apps influence them to do business with a particular company, statistics also show that 52% of the time individuals spend on mobile apps leads to a purchase. This shows that businesses are generating additional revenue from the usage of mobile apps. A recent comScore report also highlighted that customers used mobile apps more than traditional websites in 2016.

Further statistics also show that:

  • 85% of people prefer mobile apps to websites.
  • 90% of notifications are read within 3 minutes of receipt.
  • 91% of adults have their phones within arm’s reach 24/7.
  • At least 96%  of people research a product or service on their mobile.
  • Users spend approximately 90% of their time using an app when using their phone.
  • There were 25+ billion app downloads in 2017.

It’s clear that an app is at the forefront of a consumers mind not only when using their smartphone but when researching a company. With RE Apps, your real estate agency can benefit from having its own custom app designed, developed and submitted to both Apple and Google app stores in order to enhance your agency’s brand.